Lullaby Milk is the same, but our advertising has changed


Relating to sleep.

Hundreds of thousands of you have joined us on the Lullaby Milk adventure over the past 20 years and we want to thank each and every one of you for your support.

The positive nationwide response to our product has been incredibly heartwarming and rewarding. Recently, though, many of you will have noticed a change in the wording used on our website, and we wanted to let you know why we no longer use the ‘S’ word.

In 2011, a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Panel delivered a Scientific Opinion on the ‘substantiation of a health claim related to melatonin and the reduction of sleep onset latency’. 

The EFSA panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies stated that a ‘cause and effect relationship has been established between the consumption of melatonin and reduction of sleep onset latency.’ Simply put – “Melatonin helps to reduce the time to fall asleep”.

The panel said that in order to obtain the claimed effect “1mg of melatonin should be consumed close to bedtime.” It also stated that ‘naturally occurring melatonin may be effective at considerably lower dosages (microgram rather than milligram)’.

Our 100% natural product now forbids us from using the S-word as prescribed by the authorities, but you can rest assured that our cows are still milked in the middle of the night, and our Lullaby Milk is as beneficial as it has been for 20 years. 

We’d like to thank our customers who have kept faith in Lullaby Milk for their testimonials, comments and visitor posts across our Social Media channels and Google Reviews


The Burns Family.

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